My Lovely Summer

Good morning to my friends all over the world. I sometimes forget to update you and keep you in the loop. But this morning I wanted to share my summer with you. Maybe you know, I quit my job because I chose free will over silly rules the government wants to make.

So my entire life changed. I gave up my income and I decided it was time for a new adventure.

I was a broken kid therefore it’s on my heart to help other kids. I took it upon myself this summer to try to to teach as many kids as possible about yoga, and the benefits it had for their little hearts and their heads.

I raised the donations so we could go to Church Camp. I also donated classes to our local COG chapter in the park all summer. I hosted a teen bracelet making meditation and yoga class, a summer yoga camp, and rock painting classes.

I did my very best to reach as many kiddos as I possibly could, and it was my favorite summer yet.

I used to spend summers drinking all day in pools, but God said Girl, it’s time to step into your wisdom. So I did just that.

It’s amazing what happens when you follow your heart instead of your head. I lived my very best life this summer surrounded by beautiful souls and love.

Thank you to everyone who has ever donated money, time, or supplies to Awakened Soul Yoga, or My Safe Place.

We always have scholarships available for the kids that can’t afford it, and we never tell anyone who is getting them.

Some people decide to teach yoga because it’s trendy and cool. Other times it’s their dharma and they were born to do this.

I don’t know where we go from here, but I’ve already got a lot of new ideas in the works. I hope you enjoy some of these beautiful faces because their smiles are only a small part of who they are.

The bonds created will never be broken, and the seeds that we’re planted are sure to grow.

Thank you God for allowing me to take up space in the hearts of so many.


I’ll be adding more amazing photos soon!

We have online classes and in person workshops. We provide individual classes along with group settings for adults and kids alike.

We are still working with the kiddos today and will share more later. Donations are always welcome through Venmo all year long, or can be mailed directly to us.

God has not called you to fit in!

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