Make peace with your past

Good morning beautiful souls. As I was doing my yoga this morning I was thinking about how often we wish to erase the messy parts of our lives.

We want to go back and change things, even when it’s impossible. Learning to accept your darkness just like you accept your light is quite the balancing act.

As we are humans we tend to fall back into the trap of our unconsciousness and thus continue on the patterns we’ve unconsciously learned.

But guess what friends? All the avoiding will have you and your soul tired and weary and confused.

ALL the things are a part of your journey. Feeling shame from anything in the past is a tool the devil will use to keep you small.

I’ve written blogs for years, and if I went back and erased all of the ones that I didn’t like, then I would be trying to erase my entire story.

There’s no need to be afraid when God chooses you to do his work. Just like he did with Job, he did the same thing to me.

And the really cool part is that I let him transform my story and I decided to chose love instead of suffering.

Understand that you cause your own suffering and that your addicted to it.

Know that good and bad are normal and that you can’t have one without the other.

Look back on your past with Grace and love and zero judgment for your choices.

I am rooting you on your healing journey. I will hold space for your healing in ways that you’ve never experienced before.

We will walk forward arm in arm with our hearts open ready for our next adventure.


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