What Is Faith?

I think faith is having hope in the middle of darkness. It’s a feeling that comes from the heart and not the head. It doesn’t mean that one is completely fearless, but that their fear doesn’t own them. It doesn’t make decisions for them based on more fear.

Fear simple means false evidence appearing real. And if that doesn’t describe the last year and a half then nothing will.

I’m sorry you’ve been lied to, and things are going to get worse from here. It’s not to late to give your heart to God because he will win in the end.

I hope some you have been taking notes every single month, because people ten years from now will not believe what we experienced. I think you yourself are probably still in shock and denial. Thinking your lives will return to normal when there is no more normal.

Desperately trying to do things the exact same way you’ve always done them, not really understanding it’s you who needs to lead the way.

The other morning I was doing a friends hair and she had just come from church. I asked her to share the message with me and she did.

Guess what she said to me?!? It was a confirmation I was on the right path, and that God was using her to get the message to me.

She said that the pastor told them when you are a Christian, you will lose friends. You will be mocked, ridiculed, and made fun of, and that’s how you will know your doing his work.

I had a gift of seeing through the nonsense of this whole plandemic. I followed my heart and used my free will to stand up to the evil in this world.

I said no a long time ago and I tried to warn those that I loved. But they wouldn’t listen. They played the game and they listened to the wrong people. But dear ones that’s the beauty in free will.

That’s the ultimate gift of our father. No one can make you do anything, that’s all on you. Your choices, your decisions, your life’s direction are the sum of all of your choices.

I had to use my gifts to take action because that’s why God made me. If you were given a gift and you don’t use it, Lord have mercy on your soul.

It’s time to admit where you need change and allow God to shape your heart. It’s the only way.


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