Raising Vibes

Happy Friday beautiful friends! I hope you’ve spent time being still this week so that you can find your sweet spot.

If there’s one thing the worlds missing it’s rest. God talks about the sabbath all the time, and he very clearly tells us that we must rest to be whole.

And this is also where free will comes in. If your like the world then you are looking for happiness outside of your families.

You are overworked and spread thin, and by the time you finally get home for the night, you’ve got nothing left to give to the ones that matter the most.

You can do all the amazing things you want, but God tells us that our most important work is done within our own homes and our own hearts.

So every week we take the time to come together in community and to share ourselves in vulnerable ways. Holding space for one another and helping them through their lives up close and personal.

The internet has ruined most things and people and as much as I would love to save everyone, we all know only you can save yourself.

I will never stop learning to be still because it’s been the most magical journey yet. I caution you highly against burning the candle at both ends. Not only will you suffer but your entire family will suffer as well.

Have you ever asked God what he wants you to do? Or do you listen to yourself always?

We don’t need more denial in the world, we need more stillness. We need those willing to be different, no matter what.

We need you to stop being busy. To start making time for God, family and yoga. We need real connection and less phones. We need more action and less words.

Will you raise the vibration by being still with us?

I sure hope so! I believe in you.


2 thoughts on “Raising Vibes

  1. There are many who could/will benefit from your “common sense” spirituality. Stay focused on spreading your positive message. Thank you again, for being you!

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