If peace is around you, it will also be in you

Happy Friday Friends 💜

I hope this blog finds you well. I’m on day 4 of no fb and it’s been quite inspiring. I’ve also now written 4 days in a row, so it seems my energy is better spent.

Last night I had yoga in the park and it was the most beautiful evening.

Vrksasana (Tree Pose)

If your surrounded by chaos then you will always be full of chaos. But, if you take time every single day to find stillness, then you will also be creating peace within.

I found this poem by Leza Lowitz and I wanted to share it with you.


How difficult it is to stand straight and talk.

How much more difficult to do it on one leg.

God knew what she was doing when she mad us bipedal.

Yet we spend most of life hunched over, denying the true weight of the gift we’ve been given.

Now the trunk aches as it tries to expand to full height-buried, as it’s been, in the bone.

Gain and loss

Victory and defeat

Fame and shame

Body and mind

Mind and soul-

Dualities vanish.

The tree grows green against the blue sky, drawing the suns rays through the slatted shutters of the ribs.

We are the roots.

We are the forests and the trees.

Here, there is only one trunk.

On it rests the world.

I think that’s pretty beautiful and amazing. Practice yoga, and then pass the gift onto your kids and grandkids.


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