Transcend dear ones

Good Morning Friends! We need more boys to become men right now & we need more girls to become women. We need healing and soul work and evolution of the heart.

We have so many people stuck in their old pain patterns. Unwilling to look inside because they have become one with their hurts.

We need you! The world needs you hearts open. We need less fear a whole more love, which will only come from women. Because that’s our super power. That’s why they called them witches, simply because they empowered other women with love. Of course this had to be some kind of hex or black magic because of the healing energies that took place.

But you know they weren’t witches, they were magical beings who knew the power of the spirit. They faced all their adversaries head first and even when it was hard and uncomfortable they chose to keep moving forward.

They knew that you couldn’t have happiness without sadness, and life without death. They understood the circle of life, and decided to treat each day like the gift that it was.

As they grew into their hearts and away from their heads, they began to transcend to the next phase of life. Bringing healing to all those that came before, and to all the generations yet to come.

Understanding that healing is never ending journey, but it’s also the best adventure of my entire life. Because now I get to feel a whole lot more then I think. I get to teach and create self love and I think it’s quite beautiful.

I hope your willing to transcend beyond your little girl or little boy.


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