How I’m taking my life back from my phone

Good morning friends! I did it! I deleted my personal fakebook page. In a week I plan on only visiting my business page to post once a day.

It’s quite interesting how much denial we are in when it comes to our phones, but I got this and so does anyone else who wants to feel human again.

I felt like I was breaking up with my boyfriend, and I had a lot of anxiety. They don’t make it easy and I promise you after I taught yoga somehow it was reconnected. So I had to go through the process again. I don’t know how or why it happened, but it did. My mom sent me a message so I was able to go fix it.

This morning I listened to first 15 in my bed with my husband, instead of numbing out on fb. Now I’m drinking coffee and writing a blog. How insane it is to try to fight a system that already owns you.

You must understand when anything is free that YOU are the product. I know it’s hard, I understand the excuses the ego provides to stay on social media. But I suggest some new platforms that weren’t built to hide comments, and opinions and to only create one narrative.

Disconnect to reconnect to your self. Our phones have made us hate people on fb that we used to love. Tik Tok has me loving people I don’t even know. God wants me to take this journey and then help others break free from the dopamine addiction. He wants to shape a mold my spirit and I’m ready to listen.

I will let you know what’s going on inside me and around me during this detox process. Yesterday I felt like a crack head and I’m not even kidding. But that passed after an hour of telling myself there was no going back.

I didn’t deny my feelings, instead I acknowledged them and I worked through them. You are addicted and it’s hurting all social aspects of finding your heart and keeping it real.

Mental health is lost in your hand and found in your stillness. Olive you friends!


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