Good morning beautiful souls! I hope this blog finds you well, even in the middle of the storms.

I came across this quote when I was reading a book yesterday about women who teach. It said “Good speech or bad speech, if either one touches you more than the other, you’ve got a problem.” And I was like you can say that again.

Some of you might read that and not understand it at all, and that’s ok. But to those you that are intrigued by it, I’m writing to your soul.

If the words someone says to you fills up your ego, instead of your heart, then those words are here to teach you a lesson.

If the words fill up your hurt, instead of your heart, then you’ve got another lesson to learn.

When you are learning self love, it requires a lot of time alone. Learning everything I can about myself, my triggers, my trauma, and my beautiful scars. No longer willing to walk through this world as the victim or the judge, I took on the daunting, yet beautifully amazing task of healing the soul.

You cannot heal in the same environment that hurt you, and neither can your kids. Beware where you are allowing generational curses to seep into your own families.

I’ve spent years unveiling layer after layer of protection that I built around my heart, so that I might be able to pass on healing to the future generations. In doing all of these things, Ive learned that once you start the process it’s a never ending journey. You couldn’t change a single thing if you wanted to, and nothing could ever be different.

Mastering your mind is by far your most important mission on earth. Because once you understand the mind, you will be able to find your way to the spirit much faster. Love, and vulnerability are a super power, and most don’t understand that.

But l, if you are willing to walk through all the darkness, you will be able to understand what purpose it serves you.

Do not allow words to shape you. They are neither good or bad they just are. And that’s the lesson of the spirit. Ego seeks revenge, and is full of gossip and bitterness. Heart seeks understanding and oneness.

Gather in these times with like minded community. Get your hearts and your minds in order. Allow yourself to let go of the way you thought your life should be and ask our Father what he wants for you. And then be prepared to let go of all the things he takes away.

Be still and know that you are the ultimate expression of love. That we are all connected and that we all want to be loved, seen, and understood.


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