You love straight from the heart 💜

To those of you who feel like you don’t fit in, you don’t. I know times are crazy, but some of you are the light this world needs.

While most of the world is lost in their head, and have taken up residence in the ego, you come from a different space.

You my dears are here to see through the nonsense and to open your hearts even bigger.

You feel everything and you love with all that you are. You’ve been hurt along the way in your lifetime, and it’s the pain that you’ve endured that makes you love harder.

You are must take care of yourself so others will know where to come for help. You must admit that you don’t belong and give yourself permission to step into your souls role.

Your mind, and your body are not who you are. When you become in alignment with your soul, everything and everyone around you will change.

It’s ok! You must go through the process in order to transform into the butterfly. Metamorphosis is not for all humans, but it is for you my loves.

Let go of all understanding that comes with the mind. Surround yourself with consciousness and light, and allow yourself to be a vessel of love and healing.

You are NOT alone and together we shall rise.

Love Tavia

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