Your breathing matters

Last year things went wacky.

This year things are still going astray. I’m going to share some cold hard truths with you. You can can learn about yourself or you can move along, either way without an open mind your on the wrong page.

You’ve been gaslighted, lied to, and shamed into believing your responsible for keeping other people safe.

I’ve done the research, I’ve studied it all. Remember, I quit my job last year to stand up to the nonsense. That’s how convicted I was that this was all wrong last year.

I don’t care what you believe, I care what your hearts like. The devil is busy creating a huge divide and you know it’s a demon because it changes shape daily. Anything to create a divide. Anything to make the people hate each other.

But I’m not messing the with the devil because I’m the daughter of the one true king. He made me strong and different for this time in my life.
All the boundaries have been crossed.

You do not co-parent with governments and schools, you co-parent with God. This is not about safety it’s about control and it always has been.

I’m aloud to not wear a mask. I’ve done the research, look up a Senior Industrial Hygienist. She’s is the expert, but you won’t believe her, because you’ve trusted the wrong people. You won’t believe anyone at this point but that’s all on you. God tells me to share the truth with the people, and it’s up to the people to listen.

I teach yoga and how to breathe on a daily basis! I know the facts and the truth behind your breathe, you probably do not understand all the diseases caused by shallow mouth breathing. (I do I studied it during yoga training)
I don’t care if you wear a mask, or 2 masks and you use plexiglass. You do what you need to do and I’ll love you through it. But do NOT tell me what’s best for my family.

Do not ask questions that are none of your business.

Do not think that anyone can keep you safe except for the almighty father.

Do not think that mandates are laws and that you don’t have power, because you do.

We will do what’s best for us and you do what’s best for you! But do not try to take away our free will or the people will rise together.

Yoga Teacher and Breathe Expert
Trauma Certified Holistic Life Coach
Copyright © 2021
Tavia Hayduk




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