The end??????

The people were living in the middle
Of crazy times.
The devil was hard at work.
Everywhere they looked there was division.

They loved to blame each other. But the truth is that blame is nothing more then another fear tactic.

Some of the people were so afraid they listened to the ones that didnt love them.
The ones that understood the truth tried to warn them.
But to no avail understanding that free will is the ultimate gift of this lifetime, they often times appeared as the crazy ones.

When all the lies were told and the people were trapped inside their houses, the fear multiplied and made them even sicker. Because that’s what the devil does. The devil will never bring your peace, love, forgiveness, light, or hope.

The people had no clue how far evil is willing to go and how greedy it actually is. They still think the devil is a little red guy with horns running around.

But really the demons are disguised as humans and they come dressed in the best clothes, with the fanciest gifts, and the biggest promises around.
They feed off of fear, greed, sex, cheating, stealing, murder, rape, pedophilia, and the all mighty EGO.

E: Easing
G: God
O: Out

A lot of the people decided to become the masters of themselves. Answering to no one, and doing whatever they wanted. They did not have a conscious and did not want to repent or change.

A year went by and sooooo many new truths came out. But also with the truth came a lot of confusion. Another scheme by the devil to make you his.

Some of the people stopped playing by the rules of this world and got their homes and their hearts in order.

Some people were greedy and took money they didn’t need.

Some people opened their hearts and found God.

Some people blamed everyone else for all of their choices.

Some people learned that everything they need they already have.

Some people listened to the government offices as though they were their God.

Other people realized a long time ago what was going on.

ALL the people had free will.
But ALL the people did not choose love.

So I ask you friends of the earth……
Do you trust God?
Do you trust Man?

You can’t be the salt of earth if your not salty💜

You can’t pick both ✌️
💜Tavia Hayduk
Copyright © 2021
Sister Of Light


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