Lessons I’ve Learned In The Last Year

Good morning friends! I’m sorry I haven’t written anything new in a while, I’m just over here trying to share my light in the middle of a shit storm. Some days are good and somedays are bad, but I’m thankful for ALL of the days no matter what they bring.

A year ago I quit my job. I pulled a Rosa and I said NO! No to the silly governments trying to control me. No to masks. No to vaccines. No to playing the games of this world. No to telling other people they have to wear a mask. No to conformity and no to control. No to shame, blame, fear and manipulation. No to the ways of this world.

While parts of it has been absolutely beautiful and exactly what I needed, there’s been other parts that have hurt like hell.

So what have I learned in the last year? What has changed about my life and my mission, and what is still the same? Where am I headed and what’s on the horizon?

I learned that standing up for yourself is hard as hell, especially when everyone else is led by fear.

I learned that when your not afraid people will hate you.

I learned that my family is the most important thing to me, and that God wants my best work to occur inside my house.

I learned that it’s not my job to try to make you feel safe. That only God can make you feel safe.

I learned what the meaning of submicroscopic is and it means you can’t protect yourself from the man made virus.

I learned how to grow my own garden.

I learned how to tell the truth even when my voice was quivering.

I learned that some friendships we’re not at all what I thought they were.

I learned how to show up for myself, by starting some new yoga classes.

I learned who means what they say, and who just talks to hear themselves talk.

I learned how to spend a lot more time alone and with God. Sometimes in prayer, sometimes in meditation, sometimes in scripture.

I learned how to tell the truth to your face.

I learned who talks about other people by listening to their words.

I learned how to live with way less money and a lot more faith.

I learned that alcohol is not my friend.

I learned to stop putting all of my stuff online so that I can connect in real life, instead of the pretend world.

I learned we’ve been lied to on every single level possible.

I learned how to let go, and how to hold on.

I learned how to feel everything.

I learned to stop avoiding, stop blaming, stop victimizing my life and traded all of those roles for love.

I learned that I was made to love. Not to control or to manipulate what I want and what I need. But to find the words to speak my hearts truths. To not be angry or bitchy, but to be kind and open hearted.

I learned I’m different for a reason.

It’s been a year thats for sure, but I wouldn’t change a single thing. Maybe some of us are just meant to love harder then others.

And that someone is me. Break my heart a million times, and I’ll find the courage to create love again and again.

I won’t beat myself up for who I am, instead I’ll love ALL of me. Never needing to hide anything from anyone, because that’s the way of the world, and I’m not of this world.

All in or not in at all!

Thanking God every single day for every relationship good and bad. Not only falling in love with myself, but with all the new people God has surrounded me with.

Hold tight friends and remember the most important thing in this entire world is your free will. You’ve got choices 💜


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