You we’re never meant to do it alone

To admit that we don’t know it all is a humble call to others to come and share life together.

You were never meant to do it alone. That’s a message I received from the Holy Spirit last week. The more time I take to be still the more clearly I can hear the whispers of God as he puts them on my heart.

We are supposed to do things together in community and friendship. We need other humans being that are close to us, that we can count on and believe in.

Women need women and that’s the way God made us. To be real and to be vulnerable. To be different then the girls who talk shit about everyone. We are called to be authentic, and to be ourselves. To drop all of the labels and the useless ways of our pasts and to step into our hearts.

The worlds resetting and it’s going to be absolutely beautiful one day. I hope you learn to live a life of being real. I hope you understand the difference between the worlds ways and Gods way.

I hope you truly take the time to heal your hurts because we need your heart open and ready to lead the way.

Will you be bigger then your excuses?
Will you take off the clothing of fear, bitterness, anger, jealousy and resentment?

Will you stand in community with the women of light?



Class tonight 6:00 Belle Center


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