I’ve been mocked, talked about & hated on

If you allow God to guide your life the way he wants you to go, instead of insisting on doing things your way, he will bless you bigger then you could ever imagine.

Today was my last day at camp, and I was a wee little bit emotional, understanding it was the last day with the kids and the counselors.

I’ve been mocked, talked about, and hated on since I quit my job a year ago. I’ve been betrayed and let down by some people that I thought would be in my life forever. I’ve lost a lot but I’ve gained a new meaning for being.

Being different then everyone else is hard sometimes, but I fully embrace that my path is different then anyone else’s. It’s only when we’re brave enough to use our voices to speak the truth and when we’re still enough to travel through the darkest corners of our souls that we finally become love.

I know the worlds whacky, but you’ve got time to get your heart right. To create harmony and balance in your homes and to share your light with those who are stuck in the darkness.

I lived my very best life at camp this year. I will continue to create boundaries, and to help others get past their own hurts. I will make new friendships and I will love with ALL of my heart open. I will continue to ask God what he wants me to do and I will be here for you when your ready to explore the depths of your own soul.

No regrets 💜 Tavia



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