Someday is never

Good morning friends!

Have you ever told yourself that story about someday, or one day?!?? One day I’ll have that come conversation. One day I will start yoga. Someday I will become a writer. Sometime I will work on my relationships. One day I’ll find inner peace. Someday I’ll change. I think we all have good intentions with those words, but the truth of the matter is that your lying to yourself with their phrase.

One day will never happen if you don’t have the strategy and the plans to get there.

Did you know that they say regret is the biggest emotion that people feel??!?

Do you know why?

It’s because they thought they would one day do it, but they didn’t. It’s because after thinking about it forever, they missed their chance or their opportunity.

And this is the trucks of the mind. And need I remind you that you are so much more then your thoughts? You have a magical life beyond the thinking brain, but most never understand how to escape their own thinking.

Therefore they spend their entire lives locked in hell. Their own minds. Listening to themselves instead of finding a way to listen to their hearts.

I will not allow regret to be the strongest emotion in my life ever. I will work hard every single day to wake up from my own head. I will never be perfect but I will always be real and authentic.

I will tell the truth even when my voice shakes. I will love you with my whole heart and show you compassion and vulnerability. I will never be like your other friends, because they don’t tell you the truth.

I refuse to be like the people in this world. It is love that heals the world. Not ego, not competition, not broken, not resentment, not cheating, not bitterness, not control, nor money will save the world.

But love ❤️

✌️Tay Tay

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