You are MORE then enough

One of my favorite memories 💜

Graduating YTT with an amazing group of ladies and hearing theses beautiful words “You are more then enough” brought me to tears.

I was the crazy girl at YTT with all the baggage and tears. I truly used that time to heal my own hurts. To stop denying the affects of my childhood. I let all of my walls down and became vulnerable in order to heal.

I allowed this group of women into my heart so that my heart could be free from all of the pain. When I share my past I’m not ashamed of all the things I went through and that were done to me. I only feel afraid that people might look at me differently or feel sorry for me.

Don’t pity people, instead learn how to hold space for their sadness and to create a healthy environment for their healing.

I am who I am because of the pain that I’ve endured. I could not love as hard as I do if it weren’t for all the hurt I’ve experienced.

But I think there’s beauty in pain. There’s strength in healing and taking the time to be real with you. There’s something magical that happens when you stop denying and you start embracing ALL of your life.

I am real because I am not ashamed of anything. I don’t need to hide any parts of my life from you because I love my life. I love the growth I’ve done and the shadows I’ve attacked.

I love that I’m brave enough to try new things, and to cheer others on. I am not in competition with any other yogis because that’s not how yoga works.

There’s enough love to go around for everyone. I am imperfectly perfect. I was put on this earth to help teach how to heal and to love again and again and again.

Alchemy is real 💜

Yoga heals it all 🧘‍♀️

May you be brave and bold enough to live outside your pain and to create the future you desire for your future generations.

I love you so very much


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