Awakened Soul Yoga

Happy Monday beautiful souls 💜

As we continue on into the unknown I think we’re all going to have to be ok with not knowing the truth. Maybe this is the year you learn acceptance.

Accept that things are the way that they are, and that people are the way that they are. Accept all of things that you cannot change and disconnect from the stories in your head.

It’s time to learn about you. Your ego, your broken child, your pain body, and the stories you tell yourself. You are the only one that you can change and the world needs your light now more then ever.

Will you show up for yourself?!?
I hope so
💜Tay Tay

Tuesday: Camp & Private Event

Wednesday: Yoga Camp & Crafts Belle Center10:30-11:30 (3 week workshop)
5:30 Bellefontaine

Thursday 6:00 Belle Center

Sunday 8:30 Brown Park a special 4th of July class taught by Krissy Robinson from collective culture. I’m excited to be a student this day and would love to practice beside you.

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