Some days are just hard

Some days are just hard

You are not alone 💜

Many people think life’s returning to normal but I’m here to tell you that there will never be another normal again.

As we continue on our journey through spiritual warfare I can feel the presence of evil on a daily basis.

I see all the relationships, friendships, and marriages being destroyed by the minute. So many people I know are suffering a personal loss of something they thought was true but wasn’t.

I know some days are shitty and I truly understand what it’s like to be a feelings person in a selfish world.

Now more then ever it’s important that we spend time with our hearts alone. We must be willing to ask God what he wants from us and succumb from our own plans.

Life really hurts sometimes and if we’re willing to slow down and learn from the pain we can heal it and learn new ways to open our hearts.

The devil comes to destroy all things good. Remember that he’s never dressed like the devil but rather he comes disguised as your biggest fan.

I just wanted you to know that there hope for your heart and for your life. It’s not going to look the way you think it should, but accept that Gods plans are always better.

Get you some friends that pray for you and with you instead of talk about ypu.
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