We all need to go back to 1986

Good morning beautiful souls! I came across this picture of my sister and I in 1986 and it really got me thinking about what we’re all missing out on today.

You see today’s kids and adults are missing a vital element to a balanced life and that is simply being bored. You cannot be bored if your always busy. And you can’t connect to your heart with your phone in your hand.

I know it seems so simple, yet we live in a world that refuses to acknowledge their own part in the demise of the future generations and their own emotional well being.

We were bored in this picture so we had to create our own fun. We had to use our little imaginations so that we wouldn’t just sit there and complain all night about having nothing to do. We had to get creative and we did just that.

This is what boredom does! It ignites a spark from the divine and magical soul. It creates space where we were once stuck and it allows us the freedom and the power to create more magic in our own lives.

You and your kids need less entertainment. You need less things to do and less places to be. We need to get back to back yards and good friends. We need to play more in healthy ways and stop spending money on more things. We all need more yoga and meditation and less self comparison.

I had fun with my sister back in the day. We had phones with cords attached to the walls and you we’re only aloud on there for a short bit. And then your mom was coming for you! Mind you this was before call waiting so the phone would ring busy, and apparently she was waiting on someone important to call. (No she wasn’t, this was just part of the 80’s rules for life)

We had to actually listen to the words on a tape in order to find out the lyrics to a song. We got out our pencils and paper and we sat there pushing play, and then rewind and then pause, as we tried with our whole hearts to get the lyrics right. Kids now a days push a button, and up comes the song and the lyrics, and a video and 5 other versions of the same song.

We climbed trees and we drank out of garden hoses. We spent entire days out of our homes at the pool and the park in the summer, and no one called children’s services. We had camp outs, and water balloon fights, and we rarely ventured inside.

We didn’t go out to eat hardly ever and if we did it was a treat. We lived a simple life and I’m certain that we all need a lot more presence in our lives.

As we continue into the unknown please understand that all of this nonsense is far from over, but that you have the ability to create something new.

You are the change this world needs. Put down your phones and engage with your hearts.


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