Your light is powerful and you don’t even know it

We will never understand how powerful our light is until we’re brave enough to walk through our own darkness.

Yoga is the answer for all healing. It’s not a work out it’s a work in, which explains why many people avoid it all together.

They truly don’t love themselves, so they can’t be still with their own minds and hearts. 💜

That unwillingness to be still is not who you are. That’s a part of your ego that doesn’t want you to ever find your authentic self.

We are our own worst enemy because we always think we have it all figured out. But when you finally allow yourself the time to heal and to be still, everything changes.

We weren’t put here to stay asleep and live a life of thinking. We we’re out here to awaken from our slumber, heal our hearts, and share love differently then the world.

You cannot become who your supposed to be by remaining who you are.
We’ve got class tonight in Bellefontaine at 5:30.
See you there 💜

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