You can try to stop my shine, but it won’t work Facebook

Good morning friends! Guess who got blocked from fb again?!? Yours truly, your local truth teller. You can try to stop my light but you might want to get some stunner shades because God made me brighter then the average light.

Why would this be against community standards?

Hmmmmm?!? I wonder why something encouraging free breathing, hugging and love would be blocked from Facebook?!?

Perhaps cancel culture strikes again? Did you forget I have many platforms?

Brainwashed no more

It’s because I won’t conform to their fear mongering ways. I am a truth teller and I was placed here to share the love not the fear.

I will not be like this world because God gave me free will. You can block me in your own little world but not from the entire world.

It’s time to rise together and to share the love! Fear has no chance over my faith!

Be blessed friends

Keep speaking your truth and hold tight because the Bible is very much coming to life before our very eyes!

Free will!


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