99% of who you are can’t even be seen

Good morning beautiful souls! I hope your all hanging in there and learning to thrive instead of simply surviving.

I know it’s scary sometimes because the government and God have totally different plans, but I’m here to tell you that love always wins.

You’ve been raised to be fearful and to suffer. But I’m here to teach you a new lesson. This one comes from the heart and it has absolutely nothing to do with worldly ways.

The world tells you to look outside yourself for happiness, but it won’t last. Sure you might feel happy for a second when you buy something new, but guess what?!? It wears off and your stuck with you again.

99% of who you are can’t even be seen, so why do you spend so much time trying to make the outside look pretty?

The only reason you have a body is so you can communicate with other bodies. But your not a body, your a soul. That’s why it’s super important to learn to love yourself.

Our world tells you the busier you are the happier you will be, but it’s all a lie. You must learn to be still with you. Your outside accomplishments don’t matter, because those are all earthly things.

But you matter!

Your heart matters! Your dreams matter! Peace matters! Self love matters! Your family matters! Your marriage matters.

If we want to get back to ourselves and live in harmony and love with one another, we must learn to let go of the way we thought our lives were supposed to be, and learn to embrace our souls mission.

If your ready to embrace your whole self we would love for you to join us on the yoga mat. We are creating a safe environment full of feelings and emotions and living awake.

You must stop listening to the news. You must stop injecting yourselves with nonsense. You must be brave and different then the rest, after all that’s why God made you.


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