I asked God to help me grow, and it started raining

Good morning beautiful souls! I hope this blog post finds you all well. I felt compelled to write to you from the spirit this morning in hopes that you understand what faith is.

As I continue on my journey faith is the one thing that seems to get me through. When it comes to Gods plans they are always so different then the plans we had for ourselves.

I’m often asked how did I get so brave? I’m here to tell you that bravery doesn’t come without fear. I am afraid but I take it to God and I continue to move forward.

I have to have a lot of faith mixed with a lot of fear or I wouldn’t be here today. You see quitting my hair career after 16 years left me vulnerable and with a lot less money.

I went from making $120 every couple of hours to working only 5 hours a week. If you want to talk about a leap of faith then this is it. If you want to learn how to be uncomfortable then give up your income. Ask God what he wants you to do with your life instead of you doing whatever it is that you want.

Somehow and someway he continues to provide for us. I want to give yoga away to everyone and this requires scholarships and donations from the public. I just keep showing up and having faith that I am doing what God wants me to do.

It was awkward as all get out to even think about accepting donations at first, but this is where he has grown my faith by being afraid and trusting.

You see it seems as though we all give to charities and donate our time and money to various organizations, most of them that we don’t know personally. But what if you decided to give locally so you could see your community thrive emotionally?

What if this year you decide to support the balance, community, and connection but in a different sort of way?

I don’t know where my future is headed but I do believe that Gods plans are way bigger then mine could ever be.

Thank you for everything that you have done so far to make Awakened Soul Yoga a success. Maybe you’ve donated mats for my safe place I appreciate you. Maybe you’ve given a lump sum of money for our programs, I appreciate you. Maybe you’ve helped with our events and our supplies, and I appreciate you. Maybe you show up every week to class, I appreciate you. Maybe you bring your kids to class, I appreciate you.

While I have zero clues what the future holds I can tell you that I have faith that it will all work out.


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