The metamorphosis of a soul is much like a butterfly

Good morning beautiful souls. I’m the only one up on vacation drinking my coffee and writing to the world. I love mornings, because it’s when I’m my best. At night I get really tired and turn into a zombie?!? Learning to accept who you are and who you are not is a huge part of your metamorphosis.


The world is changing because it needed to change. You can drag your feet kicking and screaming, but the outcome will be the same. Fear will no longer rule this world or your hearts. It’s been this way for much to long because we as humans live in our fear and pain bodies and don’t know quite how to make it to our souls.

But let me tell you that your soul is where the magic is. Your head is where all the fear lies, and you my dear have choices. The body and the soul live in such close proximity that you might often times confuse them, but the more time you spend learning about you the easier it becomes.

We must shed all of our old ways of thinking, being, and doing and learn a new way to think all together. We must become the watchers of our thoughts, instead of being lost in our thoughts.

We must learn who we are Not, so that we can reclaim who God made us to be. I know the worlds a noisy place, but you my dear one have choices. Every single day you wake up you can start over because the present moment is all you really have.

Let us undo all that we’ve done to ourselves. Let us step out of the rat race of always achieving, wanting and doing more. Because more never was and never will be the answer.

More is the way of mere mortals and humans that think this world is their true world. More will always have you stuck because you’ll never know when enough is enough, and you will always be chasing the next big dream.

Please let go of all that you’ve been and transform into the beautiful butterfly that you were made to be.


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