Goodbye sweet girl

Good morning! Our family is on a little siesta that we all needed really bad. Unfortunately we had to make some tough decisions before leaving and help our girl cross over the the other side.

Dear madde,

You were the best dog ever. You lived longer then any dog we’ve ever had before. We were so lucky to have 13 amazing years with you.

As your momma it was really hard for me to make the decision. I know that your quality of life wasn’t the same as it used to be. I know that your soul was still just as beautiful as ever, but that your poor little body just couldn’t take it anymore.

Sure we could have waited another week or 2, but because I love you sooooo much, I couldn’t wait and watch you suffer. I myself was in denial for a while, even though I’d mentally been trying to prepare myself for a few months now.

There was not a more human doggie then you . You were so relaxed and chilled and you never barked until your dementia came. You were loved so much by so many that I knew this was going to suck.

Other dogs that we’ve had have tragically had their lives cut short, but I had to make this decision and then try to feel good about it,

I’m so thankful my entire family was able to be there so we could say good it together, I know your free sweet girl running all around and you’ve probably already been born again as a new puppy to an amazing family.

We will miss you! We love you! And you will forever be in our hearts Madde Hayduk!


Doing what’s best for your pet might not always be what’s best for your family.

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