Creating a new kind of kids

Want to know what imagination looks like?!?
Look below at these beautiful souls.

Can you guess what they are doing?
We are learning that when we’re mad or upset that we can take ourselves away for a moment.

There’s my star 🌟

In this exercise we went and got on our magic carpets and we flew way up high and into the sky. We gently peered off of our mats down below to find the thing we were mad at it.
We then climbed back onto our carpets and breathed ourselves even higher into the sky, where the stars are.

And then we had to look around all of the beautiful stars to find the star that has our name on it and grab it bring close to our hearts.
They have just found their unique star and we will soon start our descent back to the earth. And when we get there we will talk about how different we feel, and how we’re not mad anymore.

Little lights is an amazing adventure and it’s by far one of my favorite gigs yet. It’s amazing what happens when we surrender to our plans and allow our spirits to be used directly by God.

Monday 6:00 class

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