Cancel Culture Can’t Touch Me

Beautiful friends no one can take anything away from you without your permission!
Read it again and say it louder for those in the back.
“You can’t take anything away from me that I don’t give you!”

I know the worlds in a crazy place, but it all had to happen so you can understand how long you’ve been duped by the bad guys.

I’m not going to get into the why or the what but I am going to teach you how I get through all of this.

You see, your wasting a lot of energy on things that don’t even matter. You can’t cancel Dr. Suess from my mind or my childhood.

You don’t have that power! You can “Try” to cancel all the people in the entire world and it’s not going to change a thing in my world.

Guys you must give up the idea that you can worship the world and the lord, because it ain’t happenin! There’s NO half stepping 2021.

I am powerful and full of love and light and I choose to be a leader in a world full of sheep.

Cancel culture doesn’t work on spiritual friends because we don’t play by your rules. We understand that we are only here on earth for a minute and that our souls are traveling through time in our earthly bodies.

If you’ve been feeling lost and upset by the cancel culture why don’t you cancel them, and ask God for a new plan.

💜Tay Tay


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