Do you know what your job is on earth?

Good morning beautiful souls! It’s freaking freezing in ohio and there’s more snow here then we’ve ever seen before in our lifetime.

This morning I am being led by the spirit to write to you all. You see we are all the same and have a very unique mission while we’re here on this earth.

We all have a journey that we must take inside ourselves. It’s scary and crazy at first because when you’ve been asleep your entire entire life lost in your head, it’s kind of scary to wake up from. But you know what’s scarier then waking up?!!?

Never waking up! Never understanding your a soul with a mission sent to evolve into a spiritual being. Understanding who I am and who I’m not has taken a lot of work, but it’s all been worth it. And might I add that once your awake you have to keep waking up over and over and over again. It’s not a one time thing it’s a new way to be.

You have to learn about your mind and it’s job and what affects it has on you. And then you must learn to feel all the shit you’ve been pushing away your entire life, because it’s exhausting and your wasting all of your precious energy fighting a battle your losing.

Only coming from your head will drive you insane and make you the most miserable person around. You are so much more then your thoughts! You are not your brain! You are not your accomplishments! You are not your failures! You are not your ego! You are not your broken! You are love and light and you can find your way to your heart if you try.

Your job is to Wake up from your thoughts. Wake up from the slumber in your mind. Wake up from yourself and your dream like trance 1000 times a day if that’s what it takes. But wake up!

Your mental health struggles are not you, but an ailment of your mind and when you take the time to get your mind healthy your entire life will change. Balance comes from within. Be brave and bold and please turn your light on, and get out of your head.

We need you! The world needs you! But you need you dear one! It’s you that saves yourself.

💜Tay Tay

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