We CAN heal all of our problems

A book of meditations
On A Course In Miracles

We can heal all of our problems 💜
Stop blaming people and learn about you

I understand what it’s like to be stuck there but it’s not healing and it never works

Our mission is to wake up from our heads
A million times a day if necessary

In order to wake up we have to become aware of the self banter and the chatter of the mind

You know you’ve talked to yourself your whole life
Now it’s time to talk differently

If only you knew how much energy is wasted trying not to feel and heal

You weren’t meant to live so alone in your mind and now is the time to get well with your soul

You weren’t meant to live on adrenaline and fear but love and peace ☮️

Be brave and find your light 💡
Your love is your power and your fear makes you the same as the world

We need you to take care of you and there will be a ripple effect of more balanced souls

💜Tay Tay

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