You can’t silence a big spirit 💜

Dear God just send your son already. You know what’s happening down here with ALL the evil, and greed.

This morning I woke up to being restricted from fb because Marky mark thinks he’s God and gets to decide how people think and feel.

Unfortunately I don’t think he understands the power that lies in love versus the greed that lies inside of control.

Turns out those fact checkers just won’t stop checking? I’m wondering at what point do they realize they can’t control the entire world, even though they did fool us for a while.

I’m restricted and don’t really care. Deleting my Twitter was the easier thing in the world and I don’t mind deleting the rest. You will have to find me here! Stay tuned to more news from the crazy states of America.

Our spirits will never be led into darkness, and the light will prevail eventually. “Mark my words”

Message me email me text me just don’t bother to fb me for the next 22 hours. Bahahahah! Seriously what world do we live in?

Hold strong fellow faithful friends and know that Gods plan is better then mans. No matter how bad some people want to control the world they simply can’t.

Let us all find new ways to truly connect to the hearts. 💜

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