A letter to my highest self

I love you ❤️
You are the strongest person I know
Everything you’ve been through has only caused you to love harder and stronger
It doesn’t matter who understands you and who doesn’t
Because it was never between you and them
It’s between you and God
I know it was mentally and physically and spiritually and emotionally draining and that just reading this post makes you cringe on the inside a little
I know you went through 2 awful years of loss and trauma of all possible kinds and that losing Renee was the hardest of all.
But you are exactly where you need to be and you are only just getting started
Continue to heal all the things that are yucky and keep being brave and feeling it all
Your mission is to help others feel and it’s that simple
Don’t waste time trying to save anyone because those that need your light will show up when it’s their time
Keep using your voice sweet girl even when everyone else disagrees
Remember when you quit your job because you refused to harm people and you chose empathy and compassion over money?!? That’s huge and God will reward you.
I know you want to push this away sometimes but there’s no need because it’s now a part of who you are.
Your different for a reason 💜
I love you and I’m proud of you and you don’t anyone else to say those words to you.
Your highest self





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