Your addicted to your phone

Good morning friends

As I’m sitting here drinking my coffee this morning I wanted to share my journey with you.
Don’t judge yourself if you find yourself here, just wake up and understand the truths I’m sharing with you.

I quit watching tv many years ago and then I decided to grow my online business. This side tracked me from book writing, but it was also fun.

So fast forward to today and I’m going to share a completely different story with you.
You see I think you can use social media, and then I think it can use you.

Are you making money off of your social media, or are they making money off of you?
The addiction to our phones is out of
This world, but like I said before you have to learn this about yourself. (Denial is not your friend) I’m not here to save you, but you can save yourself.

I cannot tell you the silly unwritten rules we are playing by online. I myself would have denied this 2 years ago and I wouldn’t have been able to see it all.

But I’ve done the hard work of waking up from my unconscious slumber and I truly understand the distractions and why they are there.

If all of us are busy wasting to much time online then we can never really connect in real life with others and we also will not have any energy left to live our Dharma.

So what am I really saying?
Your addicted your phone and it’s making you depressed and full of anxiety.

Your playing by a set of rules that aren’t Gods and he wants you to wake up and do his work.

Ever had a fight about Facebook with anyone?
It’s really absurd to think about it looking back, but that’s all drama.

Who are your friend with?
Who are you not friends with?
Who really cares?!?
How about that!
It’s social media and it doesn’t matter, but our little egos are addicted to the attention. (Another pill you might not yet be ready to swallow, but none the less I’m delivering it.)

If people really care about you and your birthday they don’t need a website to tell them, they will call you.

I’m taking ALL of my power back and I’m going to help you have the courage to find yours also.

Admitting the addiction is the easiest part of the battle, now you have to take action to look within yourself.

Think about the most famous people you know online and admire. If they are truly “famous” they barely respond online because they don’t waste their precious days living in the matrix.

They are out there living and loving and connecting with ALL of their hearts.

Need some help breaking up with your platforms?!? I can help!

Maybe just today see how many times you unconsciously are drawn to the device in your hand.
Copyright © 2021

We were never meant to be here

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