Your phone is making you sick

Your phones making you sick and yet you won’t put it down.
Anxiety and depression are caused by numbing out on screen time.
Limit your social media to an hour a day and see how you change.

Your wasting a lot of time and energy on fb on things you can’t control. But yet you continue to share the shit out of things that piss you off.

This is called an addiction to the matrix, and as you drive yourself insane the platform makes money off of you. Unless you have a business, then you are utilizing the platform differently.

I know you don’t think your addicted to your phone but that’s denial my friends. You are, we all are and it’s time to make a change.

Your phones are exactly like a heroin addiction, an alcohol addiction, or even a gambling addiction. I’ve done the research and I know the staggering facts behind that lie beyond our addictions.

May you be brave enough to check yourself and bring something new to your home. Less screen time and way more family time.

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