Moving Forward in 2021

Good morning friends! I hope your all doing well this Monday morning, it’s absolutely freezing here in ohio.

I’ve been hard at work teaching yoga and spending lots of time in meditation and surrounded by those I love.

As we continue on through the biggest mind mess of the century I am reminded to not judge daily.

You see when we judge we can’t love and then we let the bad guys win. I am not wearing a mask and I’ve learned how to stop judging anyone that does wear one.

You see we’re all different for a reason and that’s why we are all here. If you want to wear a mask I love you and I respect your choices. And I expect the exact same thing in return.

To each their own. We are all here to live out a different journey and we must all walk our own unique path. I don’t trust the leaders, the government, social media, or your fears. I trust in my God and his plan is so much bigger and better then mans.

Let us all learn to stop pointing the finger and simply accept those wherever they might be on this journey.

Love Tay Tay 💜

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