A new purpose

Good morning friends all over the world. All eyes on the United States today huh???

I’m super excited about this year and the energy that comes with it, because we’re all learning what’s truly important.

I deleted my Twitter, 2 ig accounts and 2 Facebook pages. Next I’m going through my friends list and cleaning it out all the way.

You see I’ve only just discovered how lost I was in social world, and how disconnected I became from the human connection.

Please bare with me as I take my power back yet again. You can follow my journey if you’d like but things on my end are changing.

I got lost trying to be like everyone else and we all know God did not create me to be the norm. I think if your willing to admit it, your phones changed who you are too.

No more online programs, get your ass to the yoga studio and learn to love you.

This years going to be the best year yet, I promise.💜


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