The matrix of fakebook

I’ve become lost in a world of Facebook rules and I’m taking my power back today.
New spiritual rules and new friends lists.
These boundaries are for me, and I don’t hate you because we’re not Fakebook friends and it’s absurd to even think that. (But should you be lost in those thoughts they are yours to deal with and not mine)

I’ve awoken from the slumber and I’m guessing deleting my Twitter had a lot to do with that.

Who’s world is this?
When did I become a slave to the rules of this society?
And how the hell do I bust out?

All questions I’ve asked myself over the last 6 weeks. I had to grow an online following to sell my skincare and my blog………And then I had to start a page to support and encourage others and yoga page, and so begins the matrix.

I’m so side tracked with my social growth I don’t have the energy to be magical. So I’m making new rules for this year and they have nothing to do with you and everything to do with me.

If you want a real relationship with me you already know where to find me.

If you want to read my blog here’s the link

But I’m over these upspoken set of high school rules about Facebook.
I can’t even tell you how much less drama comes to my life when certain people don’t exist.

I hope you wake up and understand your own co-dependent relationship with social media.
I hated high school and it feels exactly like it here.
Please bloom emotionally and understand how much numbing you do online.

Good luck
💜Tay Tay



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