Once upon a time

Once upon a time the world was full of evil, greedy people. They had a plot to take over the world and steal all of the freedoms from the common folks.

They scared the people by using master mind manipulation programs on them to control them. They also created a false online persona, and starting controlling all of the incoming and outgoing data, to suit their own personal needs. The people were no longer free to express their own truths, as the tyrants tried to control everything.

They owned the news stations and the mainstream media. They censored all the people that didn’t think like them and they didn’t even try to to hide it anymore. Big tech is being sued at the current moment and we will see where that goes.

But as you all know love always wins. And it’s way stronger then fear. So as with any good story, the people woke up one at a time, and they shared their own unique lights.

The fog began to clear and the people that were not evil began to open their hearts and to use their common sense. They took all of the information from the beginning until now and they came up with a plan.

They decided that they were done living in fear and that it was time to play a new game. They left behind the things that made them zombies, like social media, binge watching tv and getting shit faces to avoid real life.

The people opened their hearts and started living again. They taught others how to connect and heal from all the bullshit that 2020 brought with it.

And even though it was only the beginning, they already know how the story ends.

💜 Tay Tay

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