Living my best life

What does living your best life mean to you?

For me it’s definitely changed over the years but I’m completely happy with where I’ve landed.

This is me this morning before I taught my yoga class. I’m burning my sage in a snoopy sweatshirt from Walmart and I’m happier then I’ve ever been.

Understanding how to love me in the middle of the chaos has been absolutely amazing. All of the things that have ever happened have led to this very day. Knowing I’m exactly where I need to be and manifesting more cool shit every single day.

Becoming responsible for Tavia, and the vibe that I bring to this planet.

You see for many years I tried to find my happiness outside of myself, only to be disappointed time and time again.

We humans are all exactly alike, but our egos keep us from thinking any different: but you are not your thoughts, and you are not your ego.

I’ve seen beautiful girls with perfect bodies that don’t love themselves even a little bit, so I know that the outside doesn’t truly matter.

I’ve seen men and women get numerous surgeries to change their appearances only to complain about something else they’ve found wrong with themselves, but never stopped to learn how to love themselves.

I’ve see the most beautiful people hate themselves so much that they completely self destruct.

So what is your best life? And where can you find it if your not already living it?

I think you can tell a whole lot about people by watching them. Pay attention to their faces, and their energy as they enter the room.

Unhappy people have unhappy faces, unhappy energy, and unhappy lives. Happy people on the other hand exude happiness. Their faces glow and their energy comes with a yes! A yes for life and for love. A yes for vulnerability and growth and a yes for being real. Not perfect but real.

I think that in order to live your best life your going to have work really, really hard on you dear one. Ask your people where your blind spots are and then be brave enough to stop denying these things to yourself.

Do the work of being still with your soul and understand your life’s purpose. Give up your idea of how your want your life to be and get on your knees and give it God. You’ve never been in control no matter what you “think”!

In the end I think the happiest people are the spirit led ones, because they come from feeling and not from thinking. They are the ones brave enough to walk a different path and beat a unique drum.

May you be brave enough to figure yourself out💜

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