Awaken the Holy Spirit

The world desperately needs more God
If you don’t like him
Come talk to me
I promise it’s not him
It’s someone that used him against you to control you that you don’t like and my God is not about control
He’s about free will and love
I will be sharing a Bible verse everyday
To help you understand him better.

“House and wealth are inherited from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the lord”
Proverbs 19:14

I was put on a church bus all alone by the age of 5
When I was 12 we started attending our neighbors Pentecostal church because he was the pastor

I was baptized in a pond at the age of 12

And when I was 19-24 I ignored God all together

We raised our daughter in a Methodist church from the time she was 4 until she was in middle school

My husband and I taught Sunday school there for 3 years during her youth.

I teach yoga and meditate.

I pray and am spiritual on ALL the levels

I believe in numerology, astrology, and tarot cards.

I believe God uses me every single day as an Oracle to share his truth.

And I believe he uses each of us differently.

You are both heaven and hell
Light and dark
Good and bad
Spirit will lead you to a happy place
And thoughts will lead you down a dark path
Where the devil will then own your mind
And if you’ve ever come to my yoga class you would have heard me say a million times that “you are NOT your thoughts”

May you be brave enough to open your heart ❤️

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