2020 was the year I let go

Good morning friends all over the world. I was totally perplexed as to how to write my last blog for 2020, so I asked for prayers and I was led by spirit.

It’s all so much and it’s all at once. It’s as though time has stood still, yet flown by since all this nonsense started in March. We’ve all been frozen and afraid, and most of us have done our best to survive the shit storm.

I read a quote yesterday and it basically hits the nail on the head. It said 2020 broke my heart but fixed my vision, and I felt that right in the center of my gut.

I just found a journal entry from when this all started and I was so afraid! I was scared for my life and for the future of my family. As time when on I continued to educate myself by following along and learning what’s going on.

My husband and I were just talking yesterday about how afraid I was at one point during this year. The fear began to infect my body and my energy and it began to own me in a not healthy way, as I’ve seen it happen to all of you.

But as we continued on and I learned more and more, I understood that I was going to have to reach way beyond the realm of my mind in order to shine my light. I was going to have to dig really, really deep into my spirit and commit to living there as often as possible. And every time I return to my head I’ll take the steps to get the hell out of there and return to my spirit.

This year I lost a lot of friendships that I thought I would always have, but I learned a lot of things about myself. And I also learned about my own blind spots, and I learned to stop giving more then people were giving me.

I stopped with the story in my mind and I took inventory of the present moment. When I cared more about our friendship and our relationship they cared more about their business and the mandates that were put upon us. This made me realize I was too invested in people that weren’t invested in me. I learned to let go.

This year I learned how to walk away without hating someone. I learned how to say no and to stand up for things I believe in. No I won’t put my client under the hair dryer with bleach on their head simply because the government told me too.

Nope! Not happening! I learned that I’m way stronger then I give myself credit for. I quit my career after 16 years and I started a brand new business teaching yoga, because the entire world needs more love.

I worked harder on my relationship with my husband this year and it’s been one of the most rewarding gifts of 2020. Letting God shape our marriage and learning how to do things his way has blessed us with a new level of intimacy and passion. It’s also helped us understand how much the world needs more healthy marriages.

Not worldly marriages. Not people repeating the same cycle of dysfunction as past generations, but people who understand the power of true love and the strength that comes from the Holy Spirit. Being intentional with your time changes everything.

We didn’t allow this year to separate us from our family or our friends. In fact I hung out with my best friend more this year then I ever have and it was absolutely what my little heart needed.

Things are different because they needed to be different. We are all struggling with depression, anxiety, worry and fear. But on the flip side of that is happiness, peace, presence and hope. But you must be willing to get past yourself and surround yourself with a different energy or you will always remain the same. Stuck in your head. A victim to your past and a slave to your future, but not a warrior of presence.

I think you kicked this years ass! You survived the biggest gaslighting, brainwashing, evil, money hungry scheme of all times and you are still here.

But many of our young ones are not here and for that my heart hurts. Your 17 year old kid has a bigger chance of dying in a car wreck then catching Covid and we don’t take their keys away.

This year has been heavy AF for everyone, everywhere except maybe the evil ones. But their days are numbered because we see the evil out in the open and that yet another sign.

We didn’t stop living this year, I think we actually started living the right way! We learned to value our relationships and not things. We learned to talk instead of avoid and we learned how to love with all of our hearts instead of just a little fraction.

We learned how to forgive and how to move on. We learned that no one can tell us what to do unless it’s the one true king. We learned about greed by those who continued to take, and we learned about love by those who give to others.

The masks are off, everyone’s true colors are showing, and I think that’s the hardest part for our little brains to understand. But know this dear one you weren’t put here to make sense of things, you were born to light up the world.

Now go do it!

Happy New Years to you All

Be the change

💜Tay Tay

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