More unreported coincidences

Good morning from the not so United States. There’s been some crazy shit going down over here and the media is silent.

It seems as though they want us to believe that more buildings are just randomly blowing up.

But I’m here to report the truth to you.

You see friends that explosion in Nashville on Christmas was planned. It just so happens that the voting machines that were fraudulent were in those same buildings that miraculously exploded.

And the media tells you it was a random guy who is now dead. Oops prime time America you’ve lost all of your credibility. Your scrambling to control a narrative that you’ve lost complete control of.

While it’s all written in the stars you should know that my God wins in the end. Not you, not your evil plans for sex and money, but my Gods plans for love and peace.

But that one single explosion wasn’t the only coincidental explosion because guess what else is gone? But no one has decided to report on it?

A fire in Rochester New York, where the ballots for our election were printed, and now are forever destroyed.

You I would only try to hide something that was wrong, otherwise there’s no need to hide anything.

You see friends when evils been in control for so long they will stop at no cost to hide their shenanigan, because they don’t have a conscious.

They are children of the dark and they will eventually lose.

Stay strong light workers and band together.

Olive you

Tay Tay

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