Alas the tree is dead

Good morning beautiful souls! I hope you all had the best Christmas you could possibly have in 2020.

We most certainly did and the fun’s not over yet, because we have one more family gathering today. (Yes I gather with my family and I’m not scared to admit it)

We’ve had the same freaking Christmas tree forever. That bad boy needed discarded a few years back but my hubby wasn’t having it. It’s at least as old as our daughter and she’s 16.

This year being simply weirder then we could ever imagine, I let my daughter and her friend put the tree up one night after I went to bed.

When I woke up in the morning she showed me how dad had to use dental floss to string it to the ceiling to keep it standing.

Bahahahahahaha! I was cracking up but I was also super excited because this meant that I was finally going to get rid of this tree after the season was over.

It lasted all month long and through yesterday. But this morning when I woke I up I had no choice but to laugh and rejoice at the same time, because this is what I found.

Out like 2020

I think the old me might have had a melt down and thought this was the end of the world. But that’s not at all how I feel.

I’m happy this little tree finally died and it was the perfect year for it to happen. It’s like many other things in my life this year that have fun it’s course and now it’s time to let it go.

You can’t even say that this little tree didn’t go out with a bang and a really cute story to boot.

Life is all about waking up from your silly head and the thoughts that control you. You can live your life on autopilot forever, or you can get real with you.

Merry Christmas Friends

I love you! I appreciate your support and I promise to write more next year.

💜Tay Tay

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