Censoring my blog and all the people who don’t think like them!?!? WTF?

I had this dream I was going to write a blog, and for 5 years I hustled my little ass off. I wrote ALL the time and I poured all of my soul into that baby.

I believed in myself and even when I was afraid I still kept writing. When I had the most horrible year of my entire life, I kept writing.

I actually created something from nothing. I am not going to quit now, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to share what’s actually happening over here in the states.

Here’s what my blog used to look like every 30 days and growing I’d like to add.

Well over 12,000 monthly views my friends. And why you ask???

Because of my hard work, my magic, my dreams, my fucking perseverance. But since I don’t think like some people want me to think, they’ve decided to punish me. Along with literally thousands of others we are being silenced by the evil ones.

They think that have a right to do this! To censor my blog because I won’t kiss their ass and agree with them.

It’s all coming out and even though they continue to lie, kill, cheat and steal, we still won’t be silenced?!?!? Do you understand that?!?

You can’t get rid of us all! You can’t silence us all!

Here’s my latest “proof” as to their bullshit! But don’t trust me just trust the numbers.

And yes here I am still writing my blog! Should I end up in any sort of harms way, know that I spoke the truth no matter what.

Your not going to take my dreams away from me because they don’t suit you. You will not ever silence me or those with hearts like mine.

From the girl who found her voice and refused to be silenced ever again!

💜Tay Tay

Freedom fighter and truth teller always and forever! Karma exists in chaos.

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