Do you know what the placebo effect is?

And you wonder why I will NEVER get a test
I don’t believe it is correct
I don’t trust our government
I trust Our God

There’s not one bit of evidence that says these tests work
If I get a virus 🦠 I’ll be ok
It will run its course just like the rest of them

Wear a mask
Any mask it doesn’t matter what kind
Just wear it
No thank you
Free will

There’s a mass gaslighting campaign happening
There’s a shame and blame game a turn on your neighbor game

Enough is enough

God said love your neighbor
Not tell on them
Not hate them and blame them for your own fears

I care more about our kids mental health then your silly virus
I want to help undo all the fuckery the government is putting on you

The suicide rates are out of this world and you still only care about your rights?!?

And I want to help you wake up and understand the truth

And one more thing before I go
Ever heard of the placebo effect???????

10 thoughts on “Do you know what the placebo effect is?

  1. What harm does wearing a mask do to you? I would truly like to know the answer to that question. The virus isn’t made up if it was how do you explain the 200,000 deaths? I had coronavirus and I’m a young healthy person and I felt like I was never going to get better. I felt like the life was being sucked out of me. It was AWFUL! I never want to feel like that again. I’m exaggerating but I thought I was going to die. Free will?? Of course we have free will but everyday we have rules to follow and there seems to be no issue with those. So, what’s truly the issue with the mask? I’m a fan of yours but I do not understand this.

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    1. The truth is it give me anxiety because of my accident.I share it with you because I choose to tell you why I don’t wear one but I don’t need to explain that to anyone else. The mask shaming has to stop as does judging your neighbor. People do have PTSD and many other things that prevent them from being covered 💜


      1. I completely understand. We shouldn’t be promoting not wearing one though because of free will. I don’t agree with that. Cases are going up because people aren’t wearing them because of that very reason. I suffer from anxiety but I still wear mine because I don’t want to get anyone sick or potentially be sick again. I know my pictures I dont have one on but I take it off for pictures. I just want everyone safe. I don’t want someone to die because I didn’t wear my mask. Others should feel the same. We need to humble ourselves and just do what’s right


      2. I think the biggest difference we have right now is that I don’t trust anything we’ve been told by man and government but I do trust God 💜man doesn’t tell me what’s right or wrong only God does that


      3. You trusted the President and he’s a man. That’s picking and choosing what you want to follow when it comes to man. God is always the way to go but he gives us free will as you said.


      1. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me, I appreciate you. Survival rate is important but the mortality rate is just as important, why? Because those people had a family, they mattered and they’re gone. Awareness matters, being safe matters, prevention matters! Saving human life is what this is all about. That’s the focus my friend 💕💕

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      2. Everyone matters beautiful friend! No one more and no one less 💜the suicide rate has tripled in our teens here and it by far outweighs the number of Covid deaths and I have an obligation to mental health 💜stay safe


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