What Mike DeWine Should Have Said Tonight (written at 3:00)

If I could change this all with one ☝️ live video at 5:30 I totally would.

If Mike DeWine wants to freak everyone out then here’s what he should say.
Per my opinion not facts of course 🧚🏻

Dear friends and family I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep you safe from the virus and I humbly realize that I’m crossing boundaries that I should have never crossed.

It’s clear masks don’t work or the numbers wouldn’t be increasing. I’m going to leave up to the fine people of Ohio to make their own choices, from this point forward.

I’m sorry that I’ve been shaming you and teaching others how to shame you, because now I understand how unhealthy that is on your mind, body and soul.

I’ve stolen many of your feeedoms that weren’t mine to steal and there’s no way I would ever suggest you not doing whatever you want in the comfort of your own home.
Especially when it comes to the Holidays, these might be the last time you see your families.

All in all I realize that I’m not God and that I’ve been unwilling to listen with my 2 ears.

I believe that I tried to take away things that were not mine to take away and I humbly apologize.

No more blame
No more shame
No more sheep
No more co-dependency
No more gaslighting
No more nonsense
It’s time to heal and it’s time to be free to choose your own lifestyles

We the people have to take our power back

Share this if your willing to say no



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