I live in a world where the media thinks they are God

Good morning beautiful souls!

I know the worlds crazy but I wanted to take a quick minute to remind you who is in control.

Our news media and our big tech companies are playing roles that are far beyond the normal realm.

I just wanted to remind you to be strong and to guard your energy right now. Evil is alive and trying to take over the world. But honestly this is all written in the stars.

We the people will not be censored and quiet, we will wait patiently as it all unfolds and pray for the entire world as we continue through 2020.

The media thinks they are in control, and so does fb, google and Twitter. But the lawsuits are in place and the people have had enough.

Turn off your tv and get off of your phones. Hold tight friends your in for a ride.

💜 Tay Tay

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