Today the world needs your love not your thoughts

Good morning friends! It’s finally here, and aren’t we all just a hot mess? The election we’ve all been waiting for. (Or waiting for it to be over) It seems that most of the world is fighting each other and most of them forgot how to love.

I don’t think I can even remember another election where businesses were boarding up so looters couldn’t destroy their investments.

Your not going to find me wasting a lot of time telling you what’s wrong with this world right now because you’ve all been living it.

I’ve been watching it, witnessing it, feeling it and wondering if it will ever go away. But today is the day and if I could influence your heart, then I think the day could go differently.

I don’t care who you vote for I only care what’s in your heart. Today being like the world is the easiest thing to do, but what about being kind? What about keeping your mouth closed unless you have something nice to say?

What about eating some humble pie? What about this entire process has brought out ALL of your fears and in return made your thoughts and actions ugly?

Don’t beat yourself up for your behaviors over the last 8 months, just allow yourself to heal today and to share your love no matter what.

I know it’s easier to be like the world but you weren’t born to be like them. You were born to show up with an open heart and to lead from a place of abundance instead of lack.

I’m sorry this happened at all! I’m sorry the government lied to you and that they continue to use shame and blame as a manipulation technique. I’m sorry that greed is hate are the main emotions in ones hearts now a days.

I’m sorry about it all but your not alone. We are in this together and love is always stronger then hate.

Today I beg you to get real with you. Become aware and responsible for the energy that you are putting out, fully understanding that what you give you get.

You want contempt? Be contemptuous!

You want anger? Feed your fears!

You want love? Share your heart!

Super simple lesson on karma, and yourself. Today who cares what anyone else is doing, I want you to become aware of what your doing.

What your feeding your mind and your soul and what energy you giving away.

I believe in your ability to be kind and afraid at the exact same time.

Please say a prayer for the entire world.

Love you ALL

Tay Tay

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