A Spiritual Investment

The world is becoming a more beautiful place one yoga class at a time.

Spending money on material items is easy, but is the reward alchemy?

Absolutely not!!!!

I know that when your used to doing things the worlds way, it’s really easy to get caught up in the outside achievements. Always looking for the next purchase that will bring you happiness. Only to find out it”s a temporary feeling and it doesn’t last long.

When you come to yoga you have nothing of material value to show off, but you do become spiritually strong.

The healing that occurs in your body on the mat not only helps you, but it also helps heal all the generations before you and after you.

Maybe in November you learn how to get spiritual by investing in your mental health.

Quite possibly you realize that your money could be spent differently and the your heart is by far the best investment around.

Perhaps this is the month you learn to love you!




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