You are not alone in feeling lonely

Last night my husband said you look like an Oracle and I seriously said what’s that?

But as he began to explain, I felt all that he was saying at once.
A moment of complete clarity if you will.

And yes I know what an Oracle is but to hear him explaining it had me mesmerized!

Little did he know the message he was delivering came from above, but that he was the delivery guy.

Sometimes we have to give up the idea of what we thought our lives were supposed to look like and simply embrace the change 💜

2020 has been fucking hard and scary and amazing and more 🤷‍♀️
Quitting my career and not having an income has been trying, but it would be way more trying to be masked every day at work.

Counting on people that don’t have your back hurts 🥵
Trusting the plan that your dharma is bigger then your mind can imagine isn’t easy. But I’ve also learned who is truly there for me.

Trying to figure out what’s next while allowing yourself the space to celebrate all the victories has proven harder then I imagined🎩
But I’m ready to balance it all.

There will be times in your life when everything changes. And most of us are currently already experiencing this because of all that’s happened this year.

I am ready to embrace the suck of the meantime. I trust that all will be taken care of and that by releasing my own grasp on the need to understand what’s next, I might open up the space within to create an entirely new beginning.

You are not alone in feeling lonely. You are doing a really amazing job at figuring out some really heavy shit. 💕

I know that it’s hard to figure out what’s next, but your not supposed to understand tomorrow. Have faith dear one and don’t go it alone. We were made for connection, community, and love. You are not alone.
💜Tay Tay




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