My life wasn’t balanced because my phone addiction was stealing all of my energy

Good morning beautiful souls! I hope your all doing well in the middle of the shit storm. I can most certainly say without a doubt it’s been quite the roller coaster ride. But as with all great awakenings there are lots of cool things that have come from the nonsense.

I think the most prevalent one, (at least this week) is how addicted I was to my phone. I mean seriously I can’t even tell you the mindless hours I wasted on fb, with absolutely no direction.

The addictions are beyond real for all of us. But as I began to understand that it was actually zapping all of my energy and leaving me feeling really empty and numb on the inside, I was able to do something about it.

Kind of like any other addiction would do. It could be alcohol, gambling, heroin, working, avoiding, eating, and doing. Any of the things that we are doing too much of will harm us in one way or another.

So I had to get real with myself and ask where I needed to change. And immediately I was drawn to my social media. There are many reasons to be online because I run a couple of businesses online and I clearly write a blog online. But there’s also the mindless scrolling and clicking for absolutely no reason, other then I’ve trained myself to do this. There’s not only admitting that it’s emotionally unhealthy, but it’s also taking action to be different.

Yesterday morning I went to a yoga class where God spoke directly to my heart. And he led me to do this! This is not necessarily my choice, but my dharma.

So I took the first steps to reclaim my power by becoming aware of my own bullshit. It wasn’t always as bad as it is right now on fb, but with everything that’s going on I now clearly see their agenda, and I refuse to partake in it.

They want Americans addicted! They don’t care what your addicted too, as long as you never understand your true potential they can keep you small.

Why do you think we have zero mental health services in our schools!? Our kids need to be learning meditation and yoga and lessons way beyond the head and the structure that this world lays out for them.

But instead we continue on the same path we’ve always been on with zero spiritual evolution and more teen suicides then we’ve ever seen before in our entire lives.

And sadly, our phones play a huge role in the disconnect that’s occurring in this world.

It’s hard to accept that your addicted because denial is just another pathway in your brain that keeps you small. But more then just accepting my addiction, I had to consciously decide to do something about it.

To often we settle with the labels that have been placed upon us. If you don’t pay attention you will repeat history and not even realize it.

It was hard to not click on fb, and there were several times I did it and then I had to immediately close it, because I was done denying the control it had over my life.

I want to be able to write and teach and create magic again from my heart. 2020 had me off balance in so many ways, but my souls here to reclaim its power. I am way more useful when I’m not online all day then when I am.

This in turn creates lots more space for me to do things with my family and my friends. As the Gottmans always say it’s the little things often that matter the most.

Are you willing to put down the phone and show up for you? Are you strong enough to admit the hold it has over you? Will you be brave enough to save your kids from their screens?

I hope you do and I’m here if you need any help. May you be the light and the love the world needs.


Love Tay Tay

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